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Testimonials from therapists

Here you can read some testimonials from therapists who have already successfully taught children to blind type using the Typ10 method. Let them inspire you to use Typ10 in your practice!

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We are fans of Typ10!

How fun it is to teach Typ10! Learning by playing really applies here. Children are always enthusiastic when it comes to playing games and they remain motivated to continue practising at home. It is very encouraging to see that they actually practise and that you can constantly make adjustments. At first, I had doubts but it is true: children can learn to touch type in 10 lessons! We are convinced and we recommend everyone to follow the Typ10 course.
Anne, occupational therapist

Fun and practical

The use of stories helps children remember the letters more easily. One of the features that I find very useful with Typ10 is the fact that I can follow via the website whether the children are actually doing their homework and how they are progressing (number of errors/speed), so I can pick each lesson up at the level my students are. And of course, the children themselves really enjoy practising on the website, in order to acquire as many diamonds as possible!
Sarah, physiotherapist

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