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Welcome to Typ10!

A playful and effective way to learn to touch type!

With Typ10 you can teach every child (aged 9 or older) how to touch type in a short period of time.
This method has been developed for use in the classroom, in small groups or with individual guidance. We give one-day training courses to (remedial) teachers or therapists to be able to teach Typ10.

Would you like to know more about our fun typing program, the method, the lessons and the didactics behind it? Then request a free digital info session for teachers, therapists or SEN-teachers. You can also contact us via info@c-explore.com or +32 484 56 41 40.

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Being able to touch type is essential today to keep up with this increasingly digital world. And that starts in education. From the 4th grade onwards, children are expected to be able to complete all kinds of school tasks with the PC. Consequently, anyone who can touch type has a significant advantage. We therefore want to give as many children as possible the opportunity to get their typing certificate!

For this reason we train teachers, therapists or remedial teachers to give typing lessons themselves and provide them with didactical tools, advice, and support. The training is online and takes one day.

Price: only £ 228,- (including didactic material, 2 workbooks, and an annual license for Typ10 online)

Interested? Contact us via a info@c-explore.com or +32 484 56 41 40.

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What is Typ10?

  • Learn to touch type finger by finger in just 10 lessons
  • In a playful and and didactically substantiated way
  • At your own pace, without any (time) pressure
  • Using different learning channels
  • Special focus on learning and developmental needs
  • Personal guidance
  • Follow-up online module for one (school) year = www.typ10-online.com

Why choose Typ10?

  • Widely used and recommended by both therapists and schools
  • Makes learning to type possible for every child (Success rate > 92%)
  • Better concentration and higher motivation through unique approach
  • Professional guidance by accredited Typ10 teachers
  • Extensive didactic material and online tool for personal follow-up
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The five major pitfalls when learning how to touch type

  • Children who are learning through a repetition-based method will quickly lose motivation.
  • The retyping of repetitive letter combinations will cause children to lose focus very rapidly.
  • Applying time pressure adds an extra barrier to the learning process.
  • Not being able to type all letters correctly makes it harder to go on to the next level and shows children what they can do but more importantly, it highlights what they CAN’T do, which can lead to fear of failure.
  • By only using a repetition-based method, in any shape or form, it will take a lot of time to build up the foundations needed to master the skill of touch typing.

What is the Typ10 online module?

  • 365 days of practice at your own pace and level
  • Customizable options to support the learning process
  • Stories at different levels of difficulty
  • Playful fill-in exercises and games
  • Rhythmic exercises to music
  • Motivation through earning reward trophies
  • Possibility to use own texts
  • Follow-up and remediation per pupil
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